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'I'll Tell You a Story...'

Mary Thomas (1905-83)

I'll tell you a story:
An old mare grazing;
I'll tell you a second:
An old mare made destitute;
I'll tell you a third
An old mare at the fair;
I'll tell you a fourth:
An old mare running;
I'll tell you a fifth:
An old mare who's broken wind;
I'll tell you a sixth:
An old mare farting;
I'll tell you a seventh:
An old mare at work;
I'll tell you an eighth:
An old mare burdened down;
I'll tell you a ninth:
An old mare in the dirt;
I'll tell you a tenth:
An old mare running.

Well, well you remember that perfectly. Who taught you that rhyme?

O, hearing these rhymes, you know, various people reciting them.


'I'll Tell You a Story...'

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MWL 6454. Recorded 5.v.1979.


Mary Thomas recited this accumulative rhyme with zest.