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The Heron, the Cat and the Bramble

Lewis T Evans (1882-1975)

Once there was a heron and a cat and a bramble. The three were farming. And they gave up farming and shared the money between them - between the three.

And what did the heron do but put the money in a purse round its neck and saw its reflection in the river as he flew above it. And the string broke and it lost the purse. And ever since then the heron has been looking for the purse along the river.

And the cat bought wheat with its money, and the mice ate it all. And that's why the cat's ferociously hostile towards the mice ever since.

And the bramble lent its money to some stranger, and didn't know who he was. And that's where it is - taking hold of every man who passes it, thinking that that's the man it gave its money to.


The Heron, the Cat and the Bramble

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MWL 1845. Recorded 13.iv.1968 Second recording 7.xi.1973 (tape: MWL 4052).


Told by Lewis Evans, Hafod Llan Isa, Pentrellyncymer, the blind uncle.


AT 289 Bat, Diver and Thornbush Shipwrecked. Bat brought money, bush put on clothes, and the diver brought leather. All shipwrecked. Diver is looking for his leather. Bush looks for his clothes and holds fast to all passers-by. Bat is abroad only at night to escape creditors.