The Parisienne
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
La Parisienne
Claude Monet

We often lend works of art to temporary exhibitions in the UK and overseas. We particularly welcome requests from museums and galleries in Wales. Requests are referred to an external advisory group, which meets twice a year, and are subject to standard conditions. We do not charge an administration fee for loans in the UK, but borrowers are expected to meet the costs of preparation, packing and transport (which might include those of our courier).

If you would like to discuss a possible loan from the collections, please contact the Keeper of Art, or the appropriate subject curator. You will find a summary list of our oil paintings and sculpture on this site, but bear in mind that we also hold much larger collections of watercolours, drawings and prints, ceramics, metalwork and glass. The Collections Manager can advise on procedure and possible costs. Formal requests for loans should, however, be made to the Director General.

Works of art are also sometimes lent to museums on a longer-term basis (for up to three years with the possibility of renewal) and to other public bodies, provided that these can offer good public access and a reasonable level of security and environmental control.

For further information please see our Collections Management Policies.