Fron Haul 21st Anniversary Celebration

Logo celebrating 21st Anniversary Fron Haul

In 1999 the Fron Haul houses were opened at the National Slate Museum, after being moved stone-by-stone from their original home in Tanygrisiau. As we celebrate the houses coming of age at the museum, here is a chance to take a closer look at the houses' histories and the work that goes into protecting them so that visitors can see and learn about the lives of quarrymen and their families in north Wales.

Fron Haul Background

Listen to Dr Dafydd Roberts, Keeper of the National Slate Museum and Cadi Iolen, Curator, reveal the background to the Fron Haul houses and their role in interpreting the home lives of the quarrymen. (To access subtitles click on the 'cog' symbol)

Fron Haul buildings at Tanygrisiau

Blog: 1 - 4 Fron Haul, by Mared McAleavey

Mared McAleavey works as a curator at St Fagans National Museum of History, but her first job for Amgueddfa Cymru was researching and furnishing the Fron Haul houses. Here is a summary of her research from that period 21 years ago.

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Painted picture of the Fron Haul row of houses

Fron Haul – Drawing on History

Lleucu Gwenllian is a freelance artist from Ffestiniog who was commissioned to create a series of drawings to documentthe 21st birthday of the Fron Haul houses at the National Slate Museum. Here she discusses the experience and her process. You can see more of Lleucu’s work on her instagram account @lleucu_illustration.

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Cleaning process at Fron Haul

Cleaning Fron Haul

Imagine having over 140,000 visitors to your house each year! Cleaning and caring for the Fron Haul houses is painstaking and specialised work - here is an opportunity to learn more about the process.

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Another picture of the Fron Haul row of houses

A new generation learns about Fron Haul

Mirain Rhisiart is a production co-ordinator and recent Theatre graduate from Blaenau Ffestiniog. Mirain wrote a poem about Fron Haul as part of the Fron Haul 21 celebrations. Here she expands on the background and process of writing – herWelsh language poem can be read at the end of the post.

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Welsh Cakes on the griddle

Sweet Treats - Welshcakes

Learn more about what the quarry-men's wives cooked at the turn of the twentieth century

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Picture of Cadi Iolen

Cadi Iolen: No3 Fron Haul 1861

Watch an interview with our curator Cadi Iolen who discusses her favourite object in the collection

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Angela’s scrapbook from 1998 /1999 and archive photos which are now included in the film

Stories in the Stones - a blog by Angela Roberts

The company that undertook the film project was Llun Y Felin, run by Angela and Dyfan Roberts who lived nearby in Llanrug. Together they created the loveliest film entitledStories in the Stones – a film which - like the houses - has stood the test of time and is still shown daily at the museum – and now, for the first time, online! Here Angela Roberts looks back at some of her memories of the process of putting the film together.

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Project Ysgol Tanygrisiau

Ysgol Tanygrisiau Project - The pupils of Ysgol Tanygrisiau have been hard at work learning more about the Fron Haul houses and the village's history.

Front room of the Quarrymen's houses

Short discussion for Welsh learners

Are you learning Welsh? This is a short conversation introducing the Fron Haul houses. This conversation is suitable for higher level learners.

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Stories in Stones picture

Film: Stories in the Stone

Stories in the Stone Film - This special film was created for the official opening of the Fron Haul houses, and it has been on display in the houses ever since. This is the first chance to enjoy the film digitally, 21 years later.

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