The origin of the quoit is the Greek or Roman discus. The discus was a flat, solid disc of stone or metal thrown as a trial of strength or skill. Quoits are rings made of wood, metal, iron or ivory which are thrown to encircle a pin or number.

The game of quoits can be played indoors or out in several ways. It can be played with a pin mounted in a board or a stand, driven into the ground or embedded in a box of clay. It was a tradition for the menfolk of the village to challenge the men of the next village to a game of quoits. A large post would be erected and the men would stand around the post and throw the quoits hoping they would land on the post.

Suggested activity: Make a game of Quoits

You will need:

  • An empty plastic washing up liquid bottle (round)
  • A dolly peg
  • Some plasticine
  • Scissors

Cut some circles about 2cm wide out of the washing up bottle (you may need to ask an adult to help you). Shape the plasticine into a cube. Push the dolly peg into the cube. Stand back to throw your homemade quoits over the dolly peg's head!