6. Entertainment

Pontyglasier Sunday school trip, Pembrokeshire
A Pontyglasier Sunday school trip, Pembrokeshire, about 1900. Such trips and entertainment were rare.
Royal Welsh Ladies Choir, 1897
The 'Royal Welsh Ladies Choir' with their conductor Clara Novello Davies in 1897.

What did you find to do at night then?

Well we shouldn’t do much. As I said we’d go to Band of Hope and what’s a name. But anyhow, we’d go out some nights, me and my sister. We were supposed to be always, go out, we’d meet one another, we’d go out when we were kids. Go out, right. There used to be the swimming baths up there years ago and they had dancing up there. First. And me and my sister we used to love - And of course it’s on the way home, like, isn’t it? We used to love - Oh, we wished we could go in, you know. We used to sit on the steps and watch ’cause we knew we dare not go in, see. And "Oh," we’d say, "Wouldn’t we like to go in!" And my father used to say "Yes, let me catch you in there! I’ll come, I’ll strap you in front of all of them!" And I was too scared. We’d sit on the side and perhaps we’d open the door and we’d have a peep to see these youngsters dancing, isn’t it.

Mrs H. M. Walters, Llwynypia, born 1895.

MWL archive no. 7022.