Coity Tip

Coal was mined at Big Pit for over 100 years. As the coal was dug out, tons of ‘spoil’ or waste was brought to the surface and tips like this were formed. In mining areas, the environment paid a harsh price for powering the nation.

Treasures from the Earth.

From the time the Coity Tip stopped being used in the early 20th century, nature has gradually reclaimed the land. Since then, this former colliery spoil heap has been transformed into an area rich with plant and animal species, some of which are in decline and in need of protection. The tip is a treasure house of biodiversity.

Over 100 species of plants and animals have been seen here!

Preserving Our Past

Following the disaster at Aberfan in 1966, many coal tips were cleared. However, the stable coal tips that remain are now recognized as being a vital part of the Welsh industrial story. Pride in our industrial heritage coupled with a growing ecological concern is helping to safeguard sites such as these for future generations.

Follow the trail to find out more about the plants and animals living here today.