Accessibility – National Roman Legion Museum

Visitors with limited mobility and wheelchair and pushchair users

  • There are parking spaces 50 yards from the front of the museum down the adjacent street, none of these are designated for orange badge holders.

  • Entrance to the museum for wheelchair users is to the right of the front steps. There is a level entrance into the museum, through glass doors.

  • There is wheelchair access to The Gallery and the lower level of The Gallery via a ramp.

  • A wheelchair is available on request. Although this chair cannot be pre-booked and is provided on a first come first served basis, we will notify the Front Desk if an advance request is made.

  • Seating is available throughout The Gallery.

  • Wheelchair access is limited in the Capricorn Centre. A portable ramp is in operation, please ask a member of staff at the Front Desk and they will install the ramp. Alternatively entrance to the Barrack Room can be gained by use of 4 steps, or by the use of a side door outside the front of the museum. Staff will make this entrance available on request.

  • Entrance to the Link building is on a level floor.

Blind and partially sighted visitors

  • Large print guide books are available free on loan. Please ask at the entrance.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing visitors

  • The Gallery has a good standard of written material to support the collections.

Additional learning needs

    If you prefer to visit when we’re less crowded, there are usually fewer people in the museum from 3pm each day.


    • Only assistance dogs are allowed on site.

    • Where possible, dog owners should bring their relevant identification book and animals should wear the appropriate tabards or harness, but this is not a requirement for entry.

    • Drinking water is available on request from the front desk.

    • Dogs must leave the premises to relieve themselves but staff will assist on request

    • If your service, assistant or emotional support animal is not a dog, please call 03001112333 or email prior to your visit to avoid disappointment on the day.