Bryn Eryr, our Iron Age farmstead, is now fully open to the public. The building, which is based on an archaeological site from the time of the Roman conquest, is a recreation of a small Iron Age farmstead near Llansadwrn in the eastern corner of Anglesey.

Bryn Eryr is open daily from 11am – 4pm

Bryn Eryr Iron Age Farmstead at St Fagans National History Museum

This rural settlement consists of two roundhouses built with six-foot thick clay walls and large conical thatched roofs.

Volunteers preparing the spelt for thatching

The roundhouses were built with the help of hundreds of volunteers, school children and members of neighbouring communities in Ely and Caerau. Together with our building team, they raised up the clay walls, helped to interpret the history of the houses and rediscovered the lives of its original inhabitants.

Bryn Eryr is the first building to be completed as part of the St Fagans redevelopment project.