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Exhibition: Wales is... grateful for its NHS

St Fagans National Museum of History
3 March 2023 – 5 March 2024
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The George Cross Medal awarded to the NHS in Wales 

The National Health Service belongs to the people of Wales. It has a special place at the heart of our national life. 

Launched on 5 July 1948, it was founded by the Tredegar-born Health Minister, Aneurin Bevan. His vision for a ‘free at the point of use’ service was inspired by the workmen’s medical aid societies of the South Wales coalfield. 

Today, NHS Wales directly employs over 90,000 staff and provides healthcare to around 3 million people. 

In 2021, the George Cross medal was bestowed on each of the UK National Health Services in recognition of all who have worked in the NHS since its launch in 1948. The award also acknowledged the dedication and bravery of healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This display showcases the George Cross medal alongside objects that tell the story of the NHS in Wales from its inception through to the modern day.  

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