How to Apply

This guidance is to help you complete your application form and take part in our selection process effectively. This will ensure we have all the information we need to assess how you meet the requirements of the role. Please read this guidance before starting your application.

The application form plays an important part in the selection process. To ensure fairness to all applicants, the decision to shortlist for interview is based on the information provided in the application form. It is important you supply as much information as we cannot take into account any previous knowledge we may have of you.

Please do not attach other documents such as your CV, testimonials or copies of educational certificates unless you are asked to. Applications in the form of CVs will not be considered.

Completing the form:

It is essential you read the Job Description particularly the sections on Competencies before you complete the application form.

Guidance is given below using the major headings of the application process.

Language skills:

You will be asked for your level of ability in written and oral Welsh and English. The Job Description (The Skills you’ll need) will specify the language requirement for the post. Please refer to the

welsh language standards levels

for guidance on language levels.

Employment History:

Please complete this fully, starting with your current or last job and ending with your first.

Qualifications and Training:

Please complete this fully. Please refer to the Job Description for any specific qualifications required for this post.

Job Specific Requirements:

The Knowledge, Experience and Skills required for the post are listed in the Job Description. In your response you should describe how you match the job specific requirements outlined in the job description. There is a word limit of 300 words per section.

Please make your responses as full as possible as they provide background for short-listing and interview. Applications with very little detail in this section may be sifted out.


The Core Competencies required for this post are listed under the following headings:

  • Working Positively with Others
  • Embracing Learning, Change and Creativity
  • Commitment to Customer Focus
  • Delivery of Effective Outcomes
  • Commitment to Diversity & Social Responsibilities

Under the section “Competencies specific to this post”, each of the competencies is paired with an “Example Behaviour”.

Your response under each heading in the application form should describe how you have demonstrated these behaviours in the past.

Please complete these fully as they provide background for short-listing and interview. Applications with very little detail in this section may be sifted out.

Be specific rather than theoretical – a clear description of how you actually behaved in a particular situation (and why) is of much more use than a vague or general description of what you consider to be desirable attributes.

Give a range of examples – if possible, use different situations or challenges you faced rather than rely on just one experience. This helps to evaluate how you tackle different challenges and not just your behaviour in a ‘one off’ situation.

If your example involves a team task, tell us about what your role within the team was as opposed to telling us what the team did and what their general achievements were.

Avoid making statements. Please provide supporting evidence. For example ‘I have excellent communication skills as I deal with people all day’ is a statement. You need to explain what makes your communication skills excellent, describe the situation where your communication skills had a positive effect and how.


Any job offer will be conditional on the receipt of satisfactory references. Please do not send testimonials.

You are asked to name people, who are not related to you, and who have agreed to act as your referees. One of these must be your current or most recent employer, if you are not currently employed. The other should be a referee who can express an opinion on your work and your ability to perform the job for which you are applying. References are normally requested when a job offer has been made.

If you do not wish us to write to your present employer before interview please say so in the space provided on the application form. However, if you are recommended for appointment, your employer will be approached before a firm offer of employment can be made.