The Abergavenny Eisteddfod

Abergavenny 1837: a medal for playing the triple harp

This is another medal, from the year 1837, which was won by a harpist, William Morgan. It's hardly surprising that we're showing one of these medals, because Lady Llanover believed one hundred per cent that the triple harp was the national instrument of the Welsh people. She detested the pedal or concert harp, and detested the piano even more. That, of course, is why she tried to create as many new triple harps as she could. This medal, won by William Morgan, is a reminder of that essential fact. If it hadn't been for Lady Llanover and then, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the advent of someone like, say, the famous Nansi Richards, we might have lost the triple harp. That would have been a very great loss indeed.

Listen to a video narrative in Welsh by Hywel Teifi Edwards: