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Harriet Wood: Collections Manager (Mollusca)

Collections Manager of the Mollusca section. Manages the collections including visitors, loans, acquisitions and collection enquiries. Co-author of the book ‘The new molluscan names of César-Marie-Felix Ancey’. Interests include: taxonomic studies of marine micro-gastropods from the Indian Ocean; historical collection research; imaging type material; general enquiries on UK freshwater molluscs and the SCAN project on the alien girdled snail Hygromia cinctella.

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Jennifer Gallichan: Curatorial Assistant (Mollusca)

Undertakes curation of the molluscan collections. She co-authored ‘The new molluscan names of César-Marie-Felix Ancey’ and is currently assisting Ben Rowson with the ‘Terrestrial molluscs of East Africa’ project. Interests include: general terrestrial mollusc enquiries including imaging type material, historical collection research, the Tomlin correspondence archive and molluscan library.

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Terrestrial Mollusca

Dr. Ben Rowson: Curator (Terrestrial Mollusca)

Specialist in terrestrial molluscs. Interests include the evolution, systematics and diversity of East African terrestrial molluscs, in particular the carnivorous land-snail family Streptaxidae. Also the natural history of the British slug and snail fauna including the spread of introduced species.

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Freshwater & Marine Mollusca

Dr P. Graham Oliver: Head of Biodiversity and Systematic Biology

Specialist in systematics and functional morphology of marine and freshwater Bivalvia (Mollusca). See Systematics of marine Bivalvia. Interests include: Chemosymbiotic taxa (Thyasiroidea & Solemyoidea) of the deep-sea; world-wide Arcoidea; provision of identification tools for British and western Indian Ocean bivalves. Author of books on Red Sea and Arabian marine bivalves and chief scientist and co-editor of marine biodiversity workshop in Rodrigues (West Indian Ocean). Current major project:- provision of a web-based identification guide to the marine bivalves of the British Isles, inter-tidal to abyssal.

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Anna Holmes: Curator (Bivalves)

Specialist in marine bivalve taxonomy. She has co-edited marine workshop proceedings from Rodrigues (West Indian Ocean) and authored papers on marine bivalves from the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Current major project: web-based identification guide to the marine bivalves of the British Isles, inter-tidal to abyssal.

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