Photography Policy

It is the policy of Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales to allow non-flash photography for personal use or study in all galleries, except where there are genuine reasons to forbid it, such as conservation or the protection of copyright.

National Museum Wales will, from time to time, host temporary exhibitions or displays in which photography is not permitted. In such circumstances, the entrance to the temporary exhibition, the display or the display case will be clearly marked with a ‘No Photography’ symbol.

Visitors wishing to take photographs will be required to complete a Declaration Form available from the Information Desk. This form states that the visitor will only use the image for personal study and will not display the image for profit, nor allow it to be presented on any website. Visitors who sign this form will be issued with identification which will indicate to staff that the necessary permission has been secured to take photographs.

The Museum reserves the right to reject a request made by a visitor. In such cases Museum staff will inform the visitor of the reason for the refusal.

School groups will be informed of these arrangements by the Learning Department.

This policy will also be placed on the Museum website. Visitors are welcome to ask a member of staff for further information.

Commercial Photography is not permitted unless prior approval has been given by the

Image Licensing Officer


Reproduced colour photographic prints of your favourite work in the National Collection can be obtained via the Image Licensing Officer. Please pick up a Print on Demand leaflet from the Information desk for further details.


Drones are not permitted to fly over any part of our museums – including our open air sites – at any time. If filming or photographs are required then the Communications Officer must be contacted in the first instance.