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Archaeology & Numismatics

Dr Steve Burrow

Deputy Head of Public History & Archaeology
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Dr Mark Redknap

Head of Collections & Research (History and Archaeology)
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Adelle Bricking

PAS Cymru Finds Officer (Job Share)

Evan Chapman

Senior Curator: Archaeology
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Tony Daly

Senior Curator: Archaeological Illustration

Jody Deacon

Curator: Prehistoric Archaeology

Adam Gwilt

Principal Curator: Prehistory
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Meredith Hood

PhD Student

Sian Iles

Curator: Medieval & Later Archaeology

Dr Mark Lewis

Senior Curator: Roman Archaeology
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Mark Lodwick

Finds Co-ordinator: Wales

Nerys Rigby

Administrative Officer – History & Archaeology (Mon–Wed)

Dr Elizabeth Walker

Principal Curator: Collections & Access
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George Whatley

PAS Cymru Finds Officer (Job Share)

Dr Susie White

PAS Finds Officer NE Wales

Alastair Willis

Senior Curator: Numismatics and the Welsh Economy

Donna Short

Administrative Officer – History & Archaeology (Wed–Fri) | Museum Assistant

Richard Brewer

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr John R. Kenyon

Honorary Research Fellow
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Peter Webster

Honorary Research Fellow (History & Archaeology)
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In addition there are 12 honorary research fellows: Richard Bebb (furniture), Richard Brewer (Roman archaeology), Michael Freeman (social and cultural history, Welsh costume), Dr Madeline Gray (monuments, memorials and Christian devotion), Dr Peter Guest (Roman archaeology & numismatics), Dr Robin Gwyndaf (Welsh folklore), Dr John R. Kenyon (castles); Dr Stuart Needham (Bronze Age metalwork and prehistoric  archaeology), Dr Sian Rees (medieval archaeology), Dr Chris Standish (archaeometallurgy), Dr Eurwyn Wiliam (Emeritus Keeper, Welsh vernacular architecture), Dr David Williams (medieval seals) and Dr Juliette Wood (folklore and Arthur).

Research is also undertaken by the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Wales (PAS Cymru), which is based in the Department and has an Advisory Committee made up of representatives of the three funding bodies in Wales (AC-NMW, Cadw and MALD of Welsh Government).