Publications by Harriet Wood

Books/Book chapters

Oliver P. G., Holmes, A. M., Wood, H., Killeen, I. J. & Light, J.  Studies of the Mollusca of the Rodrigues Lagoon, p. 40-41. In: Burnett, J.C., Kavanagh, J.S., Spencer, T. (eds.) Shoals of Capricorn Programme Field Report, 1998-2001. Royal Geographic Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), London.

Wood, H. & Gallichan, J. 2008. The new molluscan names of César-Marie-Felix Ancey including illustrations of type material from the National Museum of Wales. Studies in Biodiversity and Systematics of Terrestrial Organisms from the National Museum of Wales. Biotir Reports 3, pp. i-iv, 1-162, 26 pls.

Peer-reviewed papers

Holmes A. M., Gallichan J. & Wood, H. 2006. Coracuta obliquata n. gen. (Chaster, 1897) (Bivalvia: Montacutidae) – First British record for 100 years. Journal of Conchology 39(2): 151-158.

Oliver P. G., Holmes, A., Killeen, I., Light, J. & Wood, H. 2004. Annotated checklist of the marine Bivalvia of Rodrigues. Journal of Natural History 38: 3229-3272.

Oliver, P. G., Wood, H. & Holmes, A. M. 2009. First British record of the shipworm Uperotus (Bivalvia: Teredinae) from Driftwood on the Llyn, Wales. Journal of Conchology 39(6): 681-682.


Wood, H. 2001. Visiting the Mollusca Section at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, p. 399. In: Salvini-Plawen, L. et al. Abstracts, World Congress of Malacology 2001, Vienna, Austria.


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Wood, H. 2003. Exploring Alderson’s Ampullariids at Basildon Park. Mollusc World 3: 5, fig 1.

Wood, H. 2005. Notes on a French conchologist. Mollusca World 7: 16.

Online resources

Seddon, M. B. & Wood, H. 2007. One collection - 786,000 shells - Cataloguing and curating the Melvill-Tomlin shell collection.