Accessing the national collections on line

People's Collection Wales

The People's Collection and 'Rhagor' (Welsh for 'more') provide gateways to enable you to create your own museum, and access the national collections.

The People's Collection Wales was launched in 2010 and is a place where you can listen to famous voices of Wales, and create your own trails around the various heritage places in Wales, saving them to your mobile device so you can find out about heritage in your area, wherever you are.

Rhagor is a place for discovering the stories behind the national collections and includes articles, images, videos, interactives, and more to help bring the collections alive. Its development has benefited from the input of experts who regularly work with website design and accessibility, as well as those who have very little experience of using the internet.

This collaboration has helped create and develop our 'eighth' national museum. The 'Your History' pages enable you to contribute your own images and recollections to the collections, encouraging another level of engagement with the heritage of Wales.

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