National Roman Legion Museum — Roman Rhythm exhibition: it's a matter of style

Roman Rhythm
Roman Rhythm

As part of the Music 09 programme the National Roman Legion Museum installed a temporary exhibition to help visitors understand how and where people listened to music in the Roman period.

The exhibition included text panels, a display case and a short film that allowed visitors to listen to musical instruments. The museum was keen to ensure that the interpretation panels for the exhibition had the strongest possible appeal to the target audience for the exhibition: people visiting the museum display for general interest.

Three versions of the interpretation panels were produced with different styles and layouts, and members of the public were invited to participate in sessions where their views were recorded. These sessions ranged from single interviews to groups of four and included a combination of open and set questions. The results informed the final draft of the interpretation panels.

More recent evaluation suggests that the interpretation has successfully engaged visitors and helped them learn about music in the Roman period.

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