Oriel 1 at St Fagans National Museum of History

Oriel 1

Members of the public, community groups, schools and special interest groups contributed to the redevelopment of this indoor gallery in 2005. Working together with visitors and potential visitors, we wanted to create a space where people could:

  • Physically and intellectually engage with the collections, archives and their stories
  • Experiment with ways in which items from the present as well as the past could be collected in the future
  • Ensure that the collections were meaningful to the diverse peoples and cultures of Wales
  • Create meanings from the displays and collections, draw on memories to interpret them, and to learn from them
  • Access an exhibition which people could participate in, and that respected and provided opportunities for visitors' views
  • Find learning pathways so that people could explore beyond the gallery and into the historical buildings and other displays

After the new gallery was opened, visitors told us that they liked:

    Being involved in the process of transforming the gallery
  • Being involved in creating community displays
  • The new look, the range of objects displayed, and the different ways people could learn about the objects and the stories they held
  • Visiting the gallery and the opportunities to be creative and to have fun — especially the dressing up!
  • Having someone on hand to explain things
  • The activities we put on

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