Analytical & Technical Facilities

Rocks in the geology laboratory
Scientist and a x-ray machine
Computer and microscope
3D scanner
Geology laboratory

At Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum Wales, our facilities and expertise offer a range of analytical and technical support for the Natural Sciences department, to enable world class research, collections work and outreach services. Our facilities also support the work of other disciplines including Archaeology, Art and Conservation.

Geology Preparation Laboratories

Using precision optical lapping and polishing equipment, our Geology Preparation Laboratories produce a wide range of high quality products to support the collections and research projects within the Department of Natural Sciences.

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory

Our PANalytical X’Pert PRO X-Ray diffractometer (XRD) is a versatile and non-destructive technique to analyse material properties.

Natural Sciences Imaging Laboratory

The Natural Sciences Imaging Laboratory houses a range of microscopy, photography and 3D scanning facilities to support an array of research, curation and consultancy projects undertaken within the Department of Natural Sciences.

Genetics laboratory

The genetics laboratory provides facilities for working with genetic material to the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) stage. (Note: there are no sequencing facilities at Amgueddfa Cymru).

Invertebrate Biodiversity Laboratory

The Invertebrate Biodiversity Laboratory offers facilities to support research

Also within the museum the following facilities are available for research:

  • FTIR Laboratory
  • XRF

Analytical & Technical Facilities

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