Oakdale Workmen's Institute


The Oakdale Workmen's Institute was built in 1917 to serve as a focus for social, educational and cultural life within the newly established coal mining community there. It was funded by a loan from the Tredegar Iron and Coal Company, which the miners then repaid over the following years.

The building contains a Library, Reading Room, and Committee Room on the ground floor, and two small offices for the Institute's Secretary and Manager. A Concert Hall, originally seating more than 200 people, occupies the whole of the first floor. A separate, but linked, Billiards Room was housed in a flat-roofed building behind the Institute, on top of which (in 1927) was built a larger public hall, which was later adapted for use as a cinema.

The Institute closed in 1987 and two years later the building was dismantled and transported to St Fagans. The cinema was too large for the site and was not moved.

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Oakdale Map Plot

Building facts:

  • Original Location: Oakdale, Gwent (Monmouthshire)
  • Date originally built: 1916
  • Dismantled & rebuilt at St Fagans: 1989
  • Opened to the public: 1995
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